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The most popular filters

The most popular filters

1.Sponge filter
This is the most basic part of all filters. It requires at least three components: a sponge filter (located inside the tank), an air pump (located outside the tank), and an airline pipe used to connect them. The air pump pushes the air through the pipe into the cavity inside the sponge filter. The rising air bubbles absorb water through the sponge wall, thereby mechanically collecting debris from the water and allowing beneficial bacteria to grow.

Advantages: It can be used continuously, and the equipment is cheap, easy to clean, and not easy to be damaged because it has few mechanical parts. It provides good water circulation and surface agitation while being gentle enough to avoid sucking fry, shrimp, and other slow-moving organisms. In addition, during a power outage, the beneficial bacteria on the sponge will remain in the oxygenated water tank (which gives it more chances of survival), and you can even buy a battery-powered air pump for emergency situations.

Disadvantages: The sponge filter takes up physical space in the fish tank, so it is best to hide it behind rocks, plants or other aquarium decorations. In addition, chemical filtration cannot be added. The bubbling sound of the sponge filter is annoying, but it is easy to solve with a little air stone.
2.Hanging filter
As the name implies, the hanging filter is located at the top edge of the aquarium, the filter box is suspended outside the water tank, and the air intake pipe is lowered into the water tank. The water is drawn into the inlet pipe through the filter motor, passes through all the media in the filter box, and then returns to the fish tank like a miniature waterfall.

Advantages: Customizable filter media. In fact, the hanging filter is better than the sponge filter in terms of mechanical filtration, because a fine filter pad can be added to polish the water. The maintenance of this equipment is very simple, because most of the media is outside the aquarium, you can easily remove the media for cleaning.

Disadvantages: Because the power motor drives the water flow, if the filter dries or accidentally sucks up sand, it may burn out (use a pre-filter sponge to prevent the latter). In addition, if you don’t like the sound of waterfalls, just raise the water level in the fish tank, and there will be almost no noise.

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