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By Lorraine | 20 May 2020 | 0 Comments

Misunderstanding ideas about the difference between Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums

If you have an aquarium or are considering having an aquarium, you must have heard more or less of the myths about the difference between a saltwater aquarium and a freshwater aquarium. One of the most typical examples is "seawater aquarium is more expensive".
There are indeed many differences between the establishment and fish keeping of freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. This may lead to some misunderstood ideas. But you don't need to worry. In the following article, we will discuss three common misconceptions about saltwater and freshwater aquariums in detail.


Misunderstanding 1: Freshwater aquariums are easier to keep

People have given many reasons why freshwater aquariums are easier to raise than saltwater aquariums. The biggest reason is to maintain the conditions of the aquarium.
Compare the natural freshwater environment with the saltwater environment.
In the ocean, the state of water (pH, salinity, chloride, etc.) does not change much. This means that the daily life conditions for saltwater fish generally do not change.
Now let us compare it with the freshwater environment.
Most freshwater environments experience periodic changes, such as floods and droughts. These periodic changes, in addition to affecting the temperature of the water, will also affect the chemical composition of the water.
As a result, fish living in freshwater environments have evolved to survive in various water environments (5 to 9 pH). However, saltwater fish can only survive in very specific water environments (7.8 to 8.4 pH).
So, generally speaking, freshwater fish are hardier. You can make small mistakes in the water chemicals in your freshwater aquarium without being affected. However, a small mistake in the saltwater aquarium may be fatal to the creature.
This is why it is generally believed that freshwater aquariums are easier to raise because you do n't have to limit the water conditions to such a small range.


Misunderstanding 2: Saltwater Aquariums Are More Expensive

Let's start with the cost of a saltwater aquarium and a freshwater aquarium.
It is often said that freshwater aquariums are much cheaper than saltwater aquariums, both in terms of setup costs and operating costs.
The installation cost of a saltwater aquarium is approximately twice that of a freshwater aquarium. The main reason is that you need to buy more equipment, such as powerheads, protein degreasers, and you also need to live rocks.
Another key issue to consider is the cost of buying fish. Obviously, the actual cost will depend on the specific type of fish you buy, but you can generally think that saltwater fish are more expensive than freshwater fish.
Finally, the running cost is also slightly larger with brine tanks, because water test kits are often more expensive and you need to buy salt.
Overall, saltwater aquariums are indeed more expensive than freshwater aquariums.


Misunderstanding 3: Beginners should not start with saltwater tanks

If you have ever contacted any aquarium expert or read any guide to novice fish farming, you may encounter the saying that novices should not start with saltwater fish tanks. People have this idea for a variety of reasons.
First, as explained above, saltwater fish and jugs are usually more expensive than freshwater fish and jugs. So you are wise to learn and make mistakes in cheap fish tanks so that you don't waste a lot of money; that's why people recommend freshwater tanks.
Second, you need to consider additional complexity. The additional "complexity" of a marine aquarium depends on the type of aquarium you plan (fish only, rock or reef only). If you are planning a nano spot with only fish (less than 30 gallons), then there is really no additional complexity.
Finally, people think that saltwater aquariums are more difficult to maintain. Generally speaking, we would say that this is not true for a novice tank. They do require more maintenance, but they are not more difficult to maintain. You just need to change the water and clean the tank more frequently.
If you understand the nitrogen cycle, know how to test and change the water, and are very attentive to water changes, then beginners can start with a saltwater aquarium.
However, it should be noted that it should be a
small fish tank with only a fish tank. You should also start breeding hardy saltwater fish, such as clownfish, and avoid any fragile species.
In that case, beginners can start with a saltwater aquarium.
Although there are many differences and misunderstandings between freshwater and saltwater aquariums, you still need to have a maintenance plan for both. You can come to for more about
aquarium products, supplies, and decorations.

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