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  • Vaso Titular de la planta 2pcs Vender
  • Vaso Titular de la planta 2pcs
    1.Uso: succión en la pared del depósito para la cría de plantas pequeñas y uso en paisajes. 2.Diseño para plantas acuáticas como hierba de pelo enano o hierba de pelo enano, espada mini, Anubias y Bucephalandra, etc.
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Los acuarios no pueden separarse de la filtración de agua. Varios tipos de filtros pueden mejorar enormemente la calidad del agua.
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Aquarium Lights: Senzeal Aquarium Lights plays a key role in maintaining water quality & providing a stress-free home for your fishes. Although only fish aquariums can use basic lighting, some advanced LED aquarium lights can simulate natural light cycles and weather. Aquatic plants especially need bright light during the day and dark rest at night. LED lights are perfect for aquarium lights because they generate much less heat than incandescent bulbs, and they can produce the right color spectrum for plant growth and for viewing your tank.
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